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Werkraum Andelsbuch

Werkraum Bregenzerwald

The Bregenzerwald is famous for it’s architecture and handcraft. The works are internationally presented and decorated. The Werkraum, built in Andelsbuch is the platform for contemporary and regional handcraft and art. The house was planned by the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor and provides not just an extraordinary space for installations but also an exquisite lunch place.


Heimatmuseum Bezau

Heimatmuseum, Bezau

Find out more about the Bregenzerwälder way to live, culture and architecture in the Heimatmuseum in Bezau. The museum itself is located in a typical Bregenzerwälder house, which already shows you a lot about how the people lived.


Inatura Dornbirn

Inatura, Dornbirn

‚Touching included’ is the motto of Inatura. It is an activity museum for young and old. The exhibitions are always about nature – animals, technical or physical phenomenons and a lot more.


Rolls-Royce Museum

Rolls-Royce Museum, Dornbirn

Find out more about Rolls Royce and their models on three floors. The range of models includes cars from the 20’s and 30’s as well as the car of the English queen Mum.


Schattenburg Feldkirch

Schattenburg, Feldkirch

Fans of the middle ages can explore the history of Feldkirch and many more things about the epoch of the dark ages.


Val Blu Bludenz

Val Blu, Bludenz

An extraordinary water park with a 25 meter pool a huge pond and many more things for young and old.